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In 2005, the Andziak brothers, owners of the Palace in Siemczyno, established the Henryków Association in Siemczyno. The name of the association derives from the former name of the village – Heinrichsdorf, and this comes from the name of the knight – Heinrich, who founded the village.

The main goals of the Henrykowski Association in Siemczyno are, among others: revitalization, modernization and adaptation for cultural purposes of historic buildings and historic complexes, conservation of historic buildings and care for the surrounding historic parks and gardens and caring for them, promoting Polish culture and history in the world, educational and didactic, activities aimed at cultural activation and strengthening the regional identity of the inhabitants of the region, reactivating and promoting dying crafts, promoting various forms of recreation, including recreation and sport.

In order to save the palace from further destruction and to protect it, the Henrykowskie Association in Siemczyno took the following steps:

  • carrying out a conservation inventory of the general construction of the palace in Siemczyno
  • renovation of ponds that are part of the historic palace park in Siemczyno
  • execution of a construction project for the architectural and construction industry along with a land development project for a historic baroque palace In Siemczyno – southern wing (1796) of the Baroque palace (1726): roof renovation (covering, truss, ceiling of the first floor, brickwork, chimney, lightning protection system) of the main body in the southern slope and the southern break
  • securing the substance of the monument by making a drainage band and renovating the rainwater drainage system of the palace
  • adaptation of a part of the palace for exhibition and presentation purposes to the extent necessary to offer tourist and recreational services related to historical recreation (Museum of Baroque and the University of Various Crafts).

In addition, HSS disseminates the history and culture of the region by publishing cyclical “Zeszyty Siemczyńsko – Henrykowskich”. In Siemczyno, on the initiative of the Henrykowski Association, the Henrykowski Trail was established. The trail begins with a baroque palace, from which you go through the town of Siemczyno, according to the map and markings of boards on historical buildings. The Pałac Siemczyno facility hosts many cyclical scientific conferences and once a month the Henryków Cultural Meetings are held, during which local artists, craftsmen and creators present their works and talents. Admission to meetings is free. At the palace in Siemczyno, there is also the Historical Dance Group “Pałac Siemczyno”, in which schoolchildren promote baroque dances and costumes at various types of events and meetings.